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Bibliothèque nationale de France, Content of Latin 10304 (1001 - 1100) which has been linked with edition texts

Terentius 4:  Andria, II   8a20III   12a23IV   16b17V  
21a10 Adelphi, Praefatio   23: I   25b5II   28b25III   34a12IV   40a20V  
45b1 Eunuchus, Praefatio   46b1I   50b16II   55a22III   60a20IV   65b15V  
73b1 Phormio, Praefatio   74: I   78b11II   84a19III   87a10IV   90b14V  
99:  Heauton, Praefatio   101b2I   104b12II   109a4III   113a16IV   119a20V  
124a16 Hecyra, Praefatio   126b9I   129a16II   131a20III   136b20IV   141b9V  
Incertus 146b9Carmen de conflictu veris et hiemis

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