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Bibliothèque nationale de France, Content of Latin 13038 (1101 - 1500) which has been linked with edition texts

Gellius 14b22Noctes Atticae, Liber I   25b27Liber II   37b10Liber III   44b33Liber IV   51: Liber V   58a20Liber VII   63a15Liber VI   72b24Liber IX   79b22Liber X   88a19Liber XI   94a36Liber XII   101b14Liber XIII   111b29Liber XIV   117b26Liber XV   124a32Liber XVI   130b29Liber XVII   139b13Liber XVIII   144: Liber XIX   149b24Liber XX   155a15Praefatio  

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