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Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Content of Ms. Phill. 1719 (1200 - 1300) which has been linked with edition texts

Hildebertus Cenomanensis 7: Epistolae 8a13 8b6 9a2 9a32 10b12 11a16 11b32 12a20 12b12 14b13 17b4 19b13 19b26 21a35 22a7 23a30 24b5 25a5 31a22 32:  34a24 35b10 44b11 48b22 49:  52b1 53a23 53a39 54b1
58a30Sermones, CXLI  
61b32Epistolae 67b3 68a35 72a28 77a24 77b4 79a9
79a32Carmina miscellanea, LXXIII  
79b34Epistolae 85b21 88b26 89a2 90:  90a22 93b35 95b24 99a35 100a9 100b30 102a12 102b7 104b1 105b16 106b15 107a20 107a32 108a36 109a8 109b27 109b36
Quintus Aurelius Symmachus 119:  Epistulae, I   130a20II   136a2III   142b35II   143a10III   143a18II   143a29III   147a36IV   148a29III   151a35IV   159b30V   168a12VI   171a19VII   177a27I  
177b1 Epistulae Ed.2, X  
178a22 Epistulae, VII  
178b25 Epistulae Ed.2, VII   180a22VIII   184b3IX   189b31X   191a25VIII  

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