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Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Content of Pal. lat. 909 (980 - 1020) which has been linked with edition texts

Landulfus Sagax 9:  Historia miscella, I   25b26II   53a21III   73a7IV   106b10V   125b18VI   162b1VII   185b2VIII   193b18IX   203b27X   239b17XI   271b10XII   289a16XIII   310a19XIV   325b12XV  
Ekkehardus Uraugiensis 328:  Chronicon universale
Landulfus Sagax 346a12 Historia miscella, XV   355a25XVI   383a18XVII   423b25XVIII   461a24XIX   483b27XX   502b11XXI   522b11XXII   556a23XXIII   585a10XXIV  
Vegetius 618a26 Epitoma, I   637a24II   658a22III   700a22IV  

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