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Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Content of Pal. lat. 1646 (1050 - 1075) which has been linked with edition texts

Servius 5: In Vergilii Eclogarum commentarii, Prologus   6a33I   11a14II   15b29III   22b17IV   25a29V   28b19VI   33b9VII   36a22VIII   39a36IX   41b40X  
44a18In Vergilii Georgicis commentarii, I   63b17II   82a26III   98b20IV  
109b21in Vergilii Aeneidos Commentarius, I   160b32II   184b28III   218a10IV   243b32V   262a15VI   301: VII   324b1VIII   353b17IX   374a35X   400a20XI   427a22XII  

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