The primary purpose of this experimental Web Site is to be of use to Philologists and Historians in their daily work. It is based on a database containing the structured texts (one database table with the works of all authors and one table for each author), an overall Wordlist and a Wordlist per author. The database can be searched by individual Queries as well as be used to generate ad hoc Wordlists and Concordances.

On the other hand the database is useful for building Electronic Editions.

Example of an Electronic Edition: 'The Glosses of Ekkehart IV in the Codex Sangallensis 621' by Heidi Eisenhut.

Synoptical Presentation of Manuscripts and Edition Texts

(in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Christoph Flüeler, Fribourg University, project leader e-codices)
See how a word (like quoniam) has been abbreviated in a certain period (e.g. around the year 900)
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16.8.2022: The function 'Searching in a codex' has been improved.

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